Vision and Mission


COMMEET’s vision is to accelerate regional sustainable development
through empowering local communities.


COMMEET is a Fellowship of global volunteers with diverse skills sets in sustainable development.

  • We develop toolkits which empower communities to find solutions to their individual problems concerning sustainable development.
  • We create a database with examples of Good Practice to inspire local communities.
  • We provide coaching.
  • We are frontrunners in using a unique quadruple helix approach and believe in helping people to help themselves.
  • Good practices

    'Making the invisible visible'

    Sigfried Janzing | country expert | Bangladesh

    COMMEET enables me to develop my skills and knowledge while helping communities in developing countries toward empowerment and learning.

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    'Come and meet: improvement through dialogue'

    Luc Vandeput | Educational expert | Belgium

    In and through COMMEET, we meet, think, discuss, share, develop, emancipate… we’ll make a relevant difference!

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    'Transformation is ongoing, talents are mind-blowing'

    Ali Bukar Ahmad | Vice President RCE Kano | Kano - Nigeria

    Things had to change in our region. We saw opportunities, but we did not know how to start. The method of COMMEET helped us. And look where we are now. Nowadays organisations approach us to participate.

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